Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Digby - New America

“You don’t give any direction, you just create demand.” What a wonderful, coincide definition of a greed-orientated capitalistic society. No allowances for creativity or thought. Create a demand and fill it. But, it’s also true of abstractions, such as war. We created a demand for war that wasn’t there (remember it was Saudi Arabians and Egyptians in the planes on 9/11 – not Iraquis or Afghanis, so a story was invented about invisible weapons of mass destruction). “We’re selling lies. It’s just like Halloween, everyone’s completely disguised.” Fun song, lots of energy with a wake-me up beat. “In your highest Cabinet, there’s nothing on the shelf.” LOL! It’s either laugh or cry, and I choose to laugh. Don’t get me wrong, the music is serious, and it isn’t presented lightly. It’s just the way I choose to hear these truthful indictments about my country. Very cool guitar playing. Shoutouts for the completely different musical flavors of Bad Swing and How Long Digby