Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gwyneth Herbert - Lay You Down

The bass sets the lenses widely open. “Snapshot of heaven, warm paradise. Frozen sunlight – just pretend to kiss me twice. Cold winter morning way up on the ground, I lay you down. Holes in my stocking, snack in your smile. Stay forever, I would go the extra mile. Hide from the bright lights, far away town. I lay you down. ” I get the picture of a couple sneaking away from town in the winter to be together, possibly in the woods based on the line “freckles of daylight”. What is most impressive is the movie-like quality of Gwyneth’s stories. Visual, complete short stories with the rhythms varying in the story in much the same way a film would change tempo when there’s a switch of mood. “They can’t touch us here. They come and go outside their sad and busy lives. The time is different here, it flows against the tide and gently takes it’s time. It’s captivating here, we talk about it all and try to understand.” The flavor is jazz with just a sprinkle of folk seasonings. Shoutouts for Woman Meets The Wiseman, Morning After, and Sweet Thing.
Gwyneth Herbert