Thursday, October 04, 2007

Alex Arrowsmith - Gas Station Jacket

“Are you ready to start a revolution?” Well, it’s Thursday, why not? Alex returns to Eartaste with another wild, woolly and completely joyful dance CD that’s guaranteed to turn your ears into marvelous music eating apparatuses. Wasn’t even sure that was a word, but spell check accepted it. “Gary keeps staring at my gas station jacket – Rich kid, bad, and he’s pining for Sarah.” Gary is also wanting to play in a rock band, but “he’s never heard of Iggy Pop or Velvet Underground.” But, we find this out in a very non-judgmental way. Cause, why after all, doe a guy join a band? To get Girls! And, Sarah is a Girl! You have to listen to the song to find out what Sarah feels about all this adoration. Thanks, Alex, for keeping my ears full of desserts! Shoutouts for Verb Unit and the marvelous song completed in two takes, Wolverine Trapped In A Safe Deposit Box. My life is richer for having learned how to change keys like a locksmith. And if you want to know why and how the Wolverine got stuck in this predicament, you’ll just have to visit CDBaby and get your own copy of this fun-filled 31 song CD. Alex Arrowsmith