Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Patti Scialfa - Looking For Elvis

Whew, wipe the sweat off my brow with the blues licks that introduce this powerful tune. I have to admit this album has slapped me in the face and knocked me sideways and inside out. Confident, purposeful, truthful, and a rocking voice that hypnotizes every aural fiber of this eartaster. I listened to Patti’s first album many times trying to find purpose and eventually gave up and didn’t even take the shrink-wrap off her second CD, which I plan to dig out and try out for size in a few weeks. It’s going to take a lot to want to take this CD off the turntable. I guess we can still call it a turntable. Anyway, earlier this year Rickie Lee was driving around heaven in Elvis’ Cadillac, and now Patti is out in the streets looking for the man himself – with a hot band backing her up.

I’ll admit I opened this only because I knew hubby’s album would be coming out, and now I’m not so happy with myself – I pre-judged that this would be just another pleasant album. I truly had no expectations for such a powerful and rich variety of music. I’m so glad I opened this - there’s not a stinker cut anywhere to be found here, and I have grown to love every song and every emotion that cuts deep in my soul. Danceable, singable, and rocking. No higher honor is possible around here than to have those three adjectives in place. While I’m dancing around my living room looking for Elvis, I’d also like to send some shoutouts for Run Run Run and Rainy Day Man. Patti Scialfa