Friday, October 05, 2007

The Spoon Benders - Making My Name

“Come on and feel!” It’s Friday night. No moon to speak of. It’s dark, lots of stars and a meandering guitar floats through the backyard around the picnic table, through the compost pile piled between two trees, beautifully sending sparkles of fireflies into streams of lightshows only dreamed about by stage designers. As I’m enjoying the scene a soulful feeling throbs the blood throughout my senses while a voice pours into the drama, “Electricity is pulsing through my brain at 400,000 miles an hour.” Whew! You probably had to be there, but these guys really know how to start an album! “There are angels in the air tonight. I can see their shining black wings swoop and glide.” The production quality on this CD is top-notch. Every guitar lick is clear, the vocals are clean and understandable, and the bass player and drummer are in perfect synch with a totally live feel. “This magic that makes me remember how good it feels just to be alive!” The shoutouts tonight go to the bluesy I Fell Out Of The Van This Morning and the mellow story about Saturday Afternoon. This album shows these guys can handle any emotion in music, from joy to blues, to nostalgic. Very cool. The Spoon Benders