Friday, October 19, 2007

Cindy Alexander - This Is What You Get

The drummer sounds almost ominous, then the guitar sorta falters in until the groove starts. And, it all fits wonderfully with the lyric. “I pull my license from my wallet, it expired today. I don’t need it just to drive you and everyone insane!” Great fun, a wonderful anecdote for a stress-filled day is to listen to someone else’s stress. “Okay, I know, I dramatize.” Sure, but the music helps to make the drama fun. “My doctor Sherry doesn’t care what the excuses may be. No walking sideways ‘stead of head-on towards transparency. I know the source for the solution for the problem at hand, understand that I should maybe get away with it. Okay? I know. I criticize. But this is what you get for standing way too close to me. This is all that’s left when you pick me apart.” There’s more, but you’ll love hearing it first-hand. Shoutout for Normal. Cindy Alexander