Thursday, December 06, 2007

Andy Votel - One Nation #3

Humor and music have always been friends. I’m thinking of this guy as a one-man Spike Jones Orchestra. His instrument is old records, with bits taken off to become new creations. Sounds a bit off? It is, but also, obviously took a lot of time and energy because it all works seamlessly. None of the cuts have titles, so I have simply called this one #3 because it’s the third cut. Starts of with a guitar, some horse-like yelling, some German sounding pop-soul. Although the back covers makes it clear it could also be Finnish or Swedish, or even Japanese. Sounds like “Who culled the booze from Harvey Benershein?” This morphs into some 70’s funk, complete with horns. “Ich mienen singin kann.” Returns to 60’s psychedelic, and beyond. “Cinderella’s seen her day.” Great fun, from a funny guy. Andy Votel