Monday, December 10, 2007

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Wolfgang's Big Night

Out A full album of stand-out cuts. Wolfgang woulda been dancing with me. In fact, he is. He’s not rolling over in his grave, he’s here dancing with me. These are Brian’s arrangements of some classical tunes, including Mozart’s 5th Symphony. If you’ve somehow missed Brian’s work, this is 40’s jazz in full bloom with great sound & fuller depth of field due to current recording techniques. Deep, rich sonics. And, just as some folks have put lyrics to some classic jazz tunes, Brian has added some up-to-date boogie lyrics to go along with a few of these boogie classics. I’ll never hear Grieg exactly the same again! Thanks, Brian, for the blast! Mozart is very close to a Spike Jones send-up! The Blue Danube is another trip altogether. And, how the heck is God going to let those Meryy Gentlemen ever rest again? They are the new dancin' fools! A full album of fun. Brian Setzer Orchestra