Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jade Gallagher - Leavin'

The guitars & bass make this Sunday afternoon come alive as Jade doesn’t “mind leaving the lie.” Actually an upbeat song where she is free to closes her “eyes in freefall” and steadies herself on the freeway. “I look over my shoulder and don’t see you anymore.” The town nearby has a factory closing after the first of next year, and there’s lots of bitterness in the air about that. 250 people will be out of work. In a town of 9,000 folks, that’s a huge amount – especially since it’s the only employer that is not a school or a walmart. I’m sure with all the bad tastes in people’s mouths, they’d love to be singing this song as they leave to find their future elsewhere. “Got a trunk full of tricks, gotta lotta ideas flying through my head!” Shoutouts for Iris, Haunting Me, and the beautiful cover of The Way You Look Tonight. Jade Gallagher