Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dion - Son Of Skip James

What a wonderful way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. The voice has spoken to me personally since I first heard Runaround Sue & The Wanderer. Later, it was Abraham Martin & John. A few years passed and I discovered there was joy in Christian Music when Dion put out a trio of superb albums to dance and sing praise with. That was back in the days before Christian Music became a genre, and there were folks like Keith Green and Larry Norman along with Dion simply pouring their heart out in song. The days before dollars and greed ruled. Well, never one to be a part of a trend, Dion is now convincingly singing the blues starting with last year’s Bronx In Blue, which has shared many a moment on my turntable. I can assure you that the Son Of Skip James will also be next to the player for many months to come. Right from the opening bars of Nadine I knew I was hearing an instant classic. Acoustic blues, as if played on a modern recorder sitting next to Chuck’s bed as he was writing a blues that a few hours later in the studio would became a rock and roll classic. Shoutouts include the whole album. Dion - Son Of Skip James