Friday, December 21, 2007

Kid Rock - Rock 'n' Roll Jesus

“Get up and dance, I’m gonna set you free.” Gotta say, as much as I think there’s a bit of sacrilege going on, it’s all done in fun. “Just like a cold wind blowin' can you feel me comin' for you/Just like a freight train rollin' packed tight full of rhythm and blues.” Rock this Friday night away with total freedom, while Kid Rock is spitting out vindictive against racism and the control big business has over our lives. “Sittin' high on a mountain top, holdin' shop singin' the raw dog blues like in old Mississippi's dirty cotton fields, or in Detroit City's unforgotten wheels. It's the same song spinning but the same song's always been true.” Shoutouts for Amen, All Summer Long, Roll On, New Orleans, and Lowlife (Living The Highlife). Kid Rock