Tuesday, December 04, 2007

John Fogerty - River Is Waiting

An anthem of hope. I need hope, and John is helping me face the future with this small island of understanding that everything we are facing can change by a simple election. Now, if only we can get these gals and guys who want to be President to start talking about their plans for the NCLB, I’d have some true hope. In the meantime, I’ll allow John’s music to help me float away down the river and hope that one, just one, will stop accepting the money from the testing companies and rise up against the collateral damage caused by the sad state of corruption present in our public schools. Thank you John, for helping me to maintain some sense of hope for the future, and the prayer that I can soon “lift my face to the new day that’s rising.” Shoutouts for Somebody Help Me & the cow-bell ridden Longshot. John Fogerty