Monday, January 21, 2008

Bob Mould - Stupid Now

Strong voice starts the CD with a guitar banging in the background. “Please listen to me and don’t disagree.” I get the idea he’s going to smash my face if I dare say he’s wrong. Lots of anger, convincing, and makes for a smashing Monday morning wake-up call. I’ve no doubts that he’s absolutely serious. Great entertainment. Like Nicholas Cage playing a drunk in Leaving Las Vegas. Couldn’t figure out why/how he could make another movie after that. Didn’t he die? Horrible movie that sticks in the brain way too long afterwards. That’s the same way this album is coming at me. That, along with the dance beat. The drummer makes sure his part of the anger moves my feet. Shoutouts for Who Needs To Dream and New Highs New Lows. Bob Mould