Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cascada – Runaway

Some hump days you just need to drink and sweat and not think. Cascada makes that possible by digging out an 80’s disco beat and keeping it running away all night long. It’s hard to believe anyone wants to make neverendingstorymusic anymore, but there are times when I just need to let the sweat pour out and clean all my pores. I’m even going to shoutout a few tunes, not that they’re different than the headline here – in point of fact, they all have exactly the same beat; think dance for aerobic principles. So I need at least 20 minutes of keeping my heartbeat up. I know, some smart crack will let me know that I’m supposed to do this every day, and once in a blue moon ain’t enough. I’ve heard it all before. Once in a blue moon is enough for this old guy, and exercising to fluff can be fun. The shoutouts are all fluffy versions of hit tunes. 1 is Because the Night (Bruce), 2 is Sk8er Boi (Avril) & 3 kept me laughing all the way through, Just Like A Pill (Pink). Cascada