Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Alex Arrowsmith - Pass By Palestine

Kinda funny. Alex put out this record, and then 7 years after forgetting about Palestine, I stuck a teeny tiny mp3 player with a built-in speaker under Bush’s pillow with this song looping on it. The President wakes up and says “wait, I don’t want to forget Palestine”. So the past few weeks Bush made some noise about Palestine for the first time in his life. Not that he’s being real about it, but at least that teeny speaker we stuck under his pillow worked on his subconscious in a very small way. Of course, it could just be true he has a very small subconscious. We know he has no conscience whatsoever. Oops, giving away state secrets when I’m supposed to be talking about music. Wonder that.

“I’ve lost all the blood flow to my heart. And on top of this, the lawn mower won’t start.” Funny the things we thing about when our blood doesn’t run smooth. “I’ve been the same since the day you married. You wanted a life so quite unburied. It’s no surprise to me that I’m dead, and on top of this the cats are overfed. And if I ever leave earth I have to remember life like this. Don’t want to forget to pass by Palestine.”

Alex has allowed me to keep my sanity for over a year now. Thanks, bud. Don’t know what I need it for, but I’m thankful to be able to tell folks that this album, which I discussed way back two months ago is finally available for your consumption. If you don’t buy a copy today, what can I say, you’re a loser. Alex’s last album was in the top 23 of 2007, and unless a bunch of really cool people suddenly become musicians, I have no problem guessing that this new album will top the list of 2008. How can I say that so early in the year? Well, listen to these shout-outs - Going Insane For The McCain Campaign & a song you BETTER NOT play while driving - High Speed Chase (I got my 3 cylinder 30 HP Geo up to 90 while listening to this)! Oh there’s more cool stuff on this album, but just in case you can’t find your credit card to order from CD baby at the moment, I’ll tell you about a few more songs on a few weeks. Keep that wallet closer to your computer, loser. If you clicked on the link below & bought your copy before reading this far, you are an excellent person.

Alex Arrowsmith