Friday, January 11, 2008

Not My Day - Jaffa Del Mar

Clean sound. I love hearing a rock band that is careful to let me hear every instrument clearly, and this guys succeed. I can hear the bass in the middle, the guitar off to the left, and the drums just right of center. I’m standing in the garage with these guys, amps blasting, drummer having a field day in the corner. The bass player works with the drummer to keep this Friday night rock dance party pleasantly loud and steady. I have no idea what Jaffa Del Mar is – sounds like a beach. Apparently it’s something one thinks. Main thing is it really doesn’t matter, to me at least. The vocalist has a fine instrument and I can hear every word clearly, but I’m allowing the words to wash over me as my body gets caught in the wave this band is exerting. The retro lead guitar work is refreshing. Shoutout for It Matters! Not My Day