Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hidden Beach Recordings

Hidden Beachis a soulful jazz label that has made this Sunday afternoon a pure pleasure to participate in. Dry red wine in a slow dance mood.

Leigh Jones is first up, “the first to be willing to compromise”. The song titles weren’t provided, as this is an album that will still be coming out. “I’d rather have it your way than not have you at all. Leigh wraps herself deep into the club scene, sparring with excellent partners on keyboards, guitar, drums, bass, and especially the trumpet player. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for on the Hidden Beach web site. I’ll guess the song title to be Love Is Pain.

Cornel West – Bushonomics. “Revolution requires participation, but sometimes people be hesitatin’. The government must respect the will of the people.” Dream on is the easy thing to say; I’ve felt this way all my life and even when I see those who agree with us find their way over the hill and into the system, they soon become a part of the rot. Tom Hayden is the first of many that comes to mind. Jesse Jackson. Right down the line. But there’s still a part of me that hopes there’s young people out there still willing to hear the call that the government is here “to serve the people, the people don’t serve the government.” Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. “It’s like a jungle sometime, I’m at the front of the line. I ain’t tripping, but I stumble sometime and I get right back up.” The background to Cornell’s lyrics is tight, jazzy, and strong. My wish is that this would be heard by all Americans, “we go from the bling bling to let freedom ring.” My bet is this will be censored from all popular media sites. Because we live in a land of free speech, we cannot let people speak the truth. Shoutout for Mr Man.

Keita Young – Thinkuboutmi. The Sunday Party continues a bit more funky with Keita getting me on the dance floor and going all free-form with my arms and legs. “It ain’t about me.” Party on slystone style. Excellent.

Jeff Bradshaw - Happi Feelings. Round out the afternoon with something a bit stronger, perhaps some pina coladas to fill our glasses with this smooth jazz guitar returning the dance floor to those of us who need to slow down. Just a bit. Extra tasty instrumental, and I don’t know where you can purchase this album. I can only suggest that you keep your eye out on the Hidden Beach web site. I like seeing a label that calls its own shots, and Hidden Beach has found a way to do that, even in 2008. Nice work.