Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brokenkites – Resonator

The truth is never far behind the past, it’s all here in the midst of a concerted effort to remember. I sometimes have the freedom to consider the sounds made by a klystron resonating in orbit around us, to desire the ability to ride alongside and feel the throbs of its inner burnings. Brokenkites, in this hour of intense meditation, has brought to the surface some of these depths. The joy is the fact that there is no longer a pain related to the things left forgotten. No regrets have disintegrated in measures of belief and understandings of this belief. All these moments are both present past future and beyond in a single chord repeated and explored in conjunction with doublestringed chords and thoughts. Shoutouts for Epiphora & Escape Velocity. Special shoutout for the neoprototype Prelude. Brokenkites