Friday, January 04, 2008

Brooks & Dunn – Tequila

The organ plays, the drummer sways, then the rockin’ starts. Got my dancing shoes on & am ready to party. Been practicing these lyrics all day. “One shot, two shot, three tequila, four - cowboy bouncers ‘bout to throw me out the door.” Sound like elementary rhyme? You betcha! “Got me mumbling – that worm’s got a kick like a Tennessee mule.” You know how it is. Texas mules have better kicks, but they don’t match the syllabic necessity of shakesperian bar songs. “You’d think by now that a workin’ man would learn – you don’t go toe to toe with a little bitty worm.” This one is a goodie, lotsa fun & perfect to pull out for your Friday night partyin’. “Great big buzz in a little bitty glass.” Shoutout for Drunk On Love – “I’ve danced on the bar doing my very best cowboy ballerina”. Brooks & Dunn