Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dax Riggs - Demon Tied to a Chair in My Brain

“Blackbird a-tapping on the windowpain. Sick man smiling at a stray dog in the rain. Demon tied to a chair in my brain.” It’s not often I’m completely taken over by an entire album. This one starts with Demon Tied To A Chair and never lets up. Each song is a unique individual musically, but lyrically we enter into a poetry that is seldom explored in popular music – the inner recesses and depths of a person seeking for spiritual truths. I’m excited by the arrangements and the vocal energy that carries my thoughts into the heart of another person’s vitality.

1/2 way through the album, this line is intertwined with the music to cause deep meditation on my part, "Have mercy on the devil, he's a friend of mine. . .sometimes."

Shoutout for the whole album. I’ll simply share from the final cut, Dethbryte:

“All this fades and reappears
and we will always be everywhere everything
dreams tonight
don't bleed it so white
the fragile waves of days
they break against the shore
of all these years
don't scream and bite
don't bleed it so white
if all death is as bright”

Dax Riggs