Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

A lot of ‘children’s’ cds arrive here with the claim on them that ‘even the parent will like them’. All of them lie. Part of the game. This one is completely different. When Ziggy Marley was approached by the record company for permission to compile his father’s songs for a children’s CD, he went back to the master tapes and played with them making new magic. I’m the kind of guy who says all of Bob Marley’s albums are children’s albums, and all are adult albums. Bob Marley can be loved by any generation. Ziggy also seems to believe that, and did not change the music or emotions of his father. He added a few enhancements here and there, but did not attempt to water down the spirit and joy to try to be more “childlike”. Bob’s music is so important because it never lost its childlike majesty. This music is not ‘reinvented’ for a new generation, just presented with a fresh re-mixing, with an occasional musical flavor added by Ziggy that retains everything Bob about the music. I truly enjoy this, and feel strongly that my grandchildren will find joy dancing along too. Shoutouts for the slick re-mix and add of a children’s choir on Bend Down Low, the acoustic power re-mix of Stir It Up and the tasty dream-enhancing version of High Tide Or Low Tide. Bob Marley