Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tall Tall Trees - Considerable Speck

Run on random thoughts of meandering with focus on the joy of life is how this Considerable Speck has been entering my thoughts this week. I shouted them out in a summer singles roundup last weekend, and realized afterwards that I had shouted them out 7 times. That’s a single release every other week starting in May and ending in September. Nope, I decided I did them wrong. These guys deserve for you to hear them and get a bit more insight into their full-blown americana stream of consciousness dance. “I jump off bridges but I never seem to ever fall down the road I can kinda of make it out it’s a cloud of smoke but I know there’s something else behind the door on the other side of town. . .” and it keeps going. He narrator is very honest, tho. “Let’s stay on target, I tend to digress.” Yeah, well, that’s true, but at least it’s fun taking the trip with you, especially when you add “my mouth can show up in various states of undress, before you know it, nothing’s been said.” But lots has been sung, and the kids are up and dancing while he adults in the room are rolling on the floor laughing. And wait till you hear a banjo against a full-blown metal assault! Beautiful! The fun continues with shoutouts for the rockin’ I Got You (“ain’t got a car or a decent guitar, but I sure got me a friend”); the smiles of Hats (“Usedta have a big smile, now I have a big frown – how do I turn this thing around”); the poignant Heart Says Go (“here’s a chance I might get it right”); the kid-friendly Spaceman (“when I look up to the stars I wonder where my parents are”); and the hilarious Opposites (“you’re sure of yourself and I’m filled with doubt”). Thank you Tall Tall Trees for making a day of fun for small small mes.“If I never find my kind surely I will lose my mind.” Tall Tall Trees