Monday, May 18, 2009

The Thromboes - She's Like A British Car

Take some 60’s surf rock. Mix in some B-52s in the 70s and send them over to Japan for a real workout in to 80’s & 90’s. Spin them a day or two through Australia and Germany, maybe with a few orbits on the space station along the way. Return them to Baltimore with garage preciseness and the Thromboes are ready to rock my week off to a great start. “She’s a chick that won’t go far, but she thrills me to the bone!” 50’s slang, with sleek 60’s jamesbond humor – she’s a “jaguar in my bed.” Then 70’s humor – she “rules my leather world”. These guys rock the ages with the beats of the ages, yet there’s no doubt their sonically ready to rule the summer airwaves in 2009. This is a brand-new group with a brand-new sound. They have three friends on MySpace – so get over there today & welcome them to the music scene!

You Belong To Me is the shoutout tune. The lyrics lead one to wonder about the narrator of this misogynist misanthrope who seems to at once be a histrionik caveman - persistent yet occasionally questioning himself (especially when she takes off on the jerk). Interesting psychological lyrics that have you thinking until the vocalist stops for breath. Then the guitars take on the break for a second until the drums explode – the garage roof just flew off in the tornado caused by the drummer's antics. Great work! Listen to both songs below, then click on their name & become their friend on myspace: The Thromboes Then click here to buy the CD: The Thromboes - She's Like A British Car (CDBaby).