Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mariah Parker - Waterwheel

Mariah is the bandleader and composer on this CD. Her piano begins the album, but she willingly makes this a full musical experience, with every member of the group making important contributions. Maria obviously knows and appreciates the strength of each member, and takes full advantage when composing. The bowed bass played by Kash Killion invites me to take a journey to visit the virtuosity of Duebopriyo on tabla, Suru on percussion, Devi on bansuri, and Matthew on guitar. The composition easily feels like an outdoor walk on a farm that is graced by the presence of a Waterwheel. It’s easy to hear the birds and breze, as well as the water sounds between the notes of this beautiful composition. Shoutout for Sangria, which is a perfect taste of wine poured over oranges, grapes and apples. On this tune Mariah trades the piano for a santur. The blending of the santur with Matthew’s guitar work is majestic. I feel I am in a palace in the presence of royalty as I listen to the sounds that are able to evoke passionate memories that transverse Spain, Iran, and India. Another version of Sangria is available on Matthew Montfort’s recent solo album. The rest of the CD is great for a relaxing Sunday meditation. Mariah Parker