Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brian Hebert - Run for Your Life Jig

At least once a month some sorta Beatle ‘tribute’ pops in here. They get their cursory listen and end up in the pile. This one took on a completely new approach. It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite Beatle knock-off artist, John Bayless. He took the tunes and made them sound as if Bach had composed them. That was satisfying. Brian takes the same sort of approach. What if the Beatles had been composed by an Irish band in the 1800’s, and played around the fireplace of the bar for the entire village to enjoy? That’s Brian & friends. They maintain the melodic strength, but play freely with rhythm, key, tempo, and chorus placements to bring to light the leprechaun dreams available deep within the four cherubic players from Liverpool. It’s very difficult to pull this off without falling into the trap of muzak. Brian has pulled it off, and has made an album that fulfills all desires of my ears to taste love and goodness and mercy. Shoutouts for Not a Second Time Slow Air and Hornpipe, Any Time at All Slip Jig & I'm Only Sleeping Jig.Brian Hebert