Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Seldon Plan – Lost And Found And Lost

“We are lost a sea with no sense of what went wrong.” What a statement for our age. Well, then good news, is this is a hump-day dance tune to take my mind off the woes of our age. There always seems to be woes, and to me it’s great that groups like the Seldon Plan meet the woes with happy tunes, bright guitars and luscious harmonies. Besides, the tune has a happy ending, "Captain - Bring my ship to shore,put these feet on solid ground." Shoutout tunes are See A Word (“all eyes are on us”), and the upbeat Ezra Jack Keats, a favorite of all elementary teachers and students. It’s great that a pop music group can pay tribute to a Caldecott Award winner who wrote and illustrated over 80 books kids of all ages love("Blending colors on the page taught me ways to feel my age.") Thanks! The Seldon Plan

The Seldon Plan on Eartaste