Thursday, May 14, 2009

Susan Cattaneo - Wrecking Ball

When a singer sounds serious as sin and says without a trace of humor “my regrets are piling up like your empty beer cans on the porch” she has me hooked as I roll on the floor giggling my heart out. Susan tackles a bad relationship with a fun band willing to play their hearts out without a trace of irony. The ensemble is saying, we’re playing rock and roll music about a heart-wrenching situation – and if you find humor in it, then more power to ya. And I do, here’s another hilarious line from this troupe – “that boy gone bad routine turned this soft hearted woman into a demolition queen.” Great fun, well-performed music, and a dire warning – “if you’re wondering how it’s gonna feel, think about 10 thousand pounds of cold grey steel coming down. Susan Cattaneo