Monday, May 25, 2009

Buckwheat Zydeco - Throw Me Something, Mister

I’ve been listening to this group for over 30 years now, so when the CD arrived I looked at the cover and set it aside for my next BBQ. That was today. I took out some old CDs by these guys when I prepared the fruit this morning, started marinating the chicken, threw some potatoes on to bake, and heard a lot of good old Buckwheat Zydeco music. Then I put the chicken on to start baking, and put this new CD on at the same time. The first song out blew me away. I looked at the cover again, took out the CD and checked I had the right one. This was NOT the BBQ music I had expected! It’s great music, folks, but not the same old Buckwheat Zydeco we’ve gotten used to partying with. This is full-blown grown up music. Throw Me Something, Mister is the flavor I had been expecting, and I am certainly glad it’s here to whet my appetite for the past. But it’s only a tasty appetizer. These guys have grown as musicians and performers to include rock and roll blues, boogie woogie, jazz and blues with their Zydeco. I love their rockin’ blues version of When The Levee Breaks - especially the guitar work while the whole band cooks, the Gary US Bonds flavors of Back In Your Arms, the raw blues of Lay Your Burden Down, and the New Orleans love song they call Finding My Way Back Home. This CD was played again after the chicken finished cooking and was slowly being eaten with this mature offering actually causing a few shivers by the end on this 97 degrees in the shade day. The perfect honesty and loving pain evident in Finding My Way Back Home is going to be put on shuffle a lot this summer. Thanks for sharing! Buckwheat Zydeco