Thursday, March 20, 2008

Asa - Fire On The Mountain

As I pass the entrance of ‘primitive camping area E’ I am literally on top of this mountain and Asa is singing with a light reggae beat that life is beautiful but complicated. “Tell me who is responsible for what we teach your children? Is it the internet, or stars of television?” Neither answer should be true, yet in my heart I know that reality dictates both are. I want to bring my class up here to see that life has different meanings than they’re being taught, but NCLB has dictated that there will never again be field trips. I am sad. I am sad of my anger toward the system. I’m supposed to be up here renewing my energy, but am brought face to face with the reality that the students I teach may never see this mountaintop. I’m reaching the next steep area, heading downward into the canyon as Asa calms me down and lightens my spirit with Peace (“I want to run away”) and So Beautiful (“It’s you I see in my dreams, every day I pray for you”). It’s true, this area is beautiful and life is beautiful. Asa