Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heath Street - Yellow Shoes

"Standing up against the chain link fence, I thought I saw you. Turns out it was just a boy. I put on my face and tried to walk it soldier straight past the 24 hour store. It's been a real good week. Kept myself well-occupied. Most nights I get my rest." A good short story going on here. Doesn't look like song lyrics on the page, but they are sung with melodic taste. "I'm quiet in my head." That may be so, but the guitars playing in the background are wonderfully not quiet. Precisely picked. Superb tone. Excitingly acoustic. "It's funny how I picture telling everything to you."

Shoutouts for Falling Softly ("been this way before, but no one ever said bleeding was easy") and Arboretum ("the light falls on the flowering trees that line the path as you look at me"). A special shoutout for the last song on the album, Ain't Gonna Let My Soul To Fly, because it brings back special memories of guitars jangling in my life. A folk song with friends joining in to extend the smile beyond my face. Thanks!

Heath Street