Saturday, March 15, 2008

DigJelly – Communication

“Get in line and just take a number. You and I and misery love company.” LOL!!! The singer captures my understanding of communication between a man and a woman exactly. I’ve been caught in tis trap way too many times, and it took many years of deliberate focus and careful meditation to figure that word out. You sit on a therapists couch, which for whatever reason has always been a woman for the women I’ve been involved in “therapy” with, and well, there is a bottom line here, I’m just having trouble getting it out. I know for a fact I’ll alienate every 2nd woman out there who happens to read that. I know that from my experience with bluntness in the past. Some women get bluntness, the others are offended by it. But in the end, who cares. Not like people are waiting in line to pay for reading this dissertation. But, you should definitely pay for this album.

Okay, communication, to a woman, means the male listens, does exactly what she says, in the exact order and the exact time she tells him without opening his mouth even once. And he damn well better smile while following through. Even then, he’s going to forget a step, and she knows it, and after 30 years he knows it, and it’s and endless communication process of one –sided talk talk talk. The male in the process is damned to hell forever should he even think about responding. And, truth be told, she’s damned him to hell anyway because she already thinks she knows what he’s thinking even though he’s never allowed to express himself.

What’s all this blah-blah-blah got to do with this wonderfully sexy rock song? The lyric writer captured all these truths that took me thirty years of marriage to understand, and the artists capture all that power in a 3 ½ minute rock song. I’m in awe. The narrator shouts, as honestly as a woman can, “Well, I don’t care what they say, and I don’t care what they ask for.” Yep, true communication as expressed by a 21st century schizoid woman. I love it. The music is as powerful as the lyric, which makes for a great song to sing at any Saturday night party. And for others who love to sing loud while driving down the highway, this album works on any day, at any time of day or night. Nice work.

Mega shoutouts for Silver (“you can open up my world and take me to a place where we can melt away”), In The Name Of Honor (“disguised in liberty you will save me”), and Set Me Up (“you said it was an accident, I know you planned it.”).