Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mike Montrey - A Space Inside My Head

The guitar starts a good groove, and then a beautifully integrated saxophone smiles on me for a bit. “I’ve preserved a space inside my head for moments when I’ll be dead.” Never really thought about this possibility before. It’s hard enough to try to remember things I need to do tomorrow; much less save them for the time I’m laying around not breathing. But, hey, Mike is having such a great time sharing these thoughts I’ll dance while he goes on giving color codes to his thought about old spittoons and bring in some empty boxes to fill in more. “I don’t expect you to see everything, I don’t want you to.” I enjoy listening to the production – the saxophone plays as part of the music, not over and above it. “Selfish sometimes I might be, but certain moments are meant only for me.” Thanks for the fun! Shoutout for Take Me Down Mississippi. The CD will be available on CD Baby. In the meantime, keep up with news about the release date at his website, Mike Montrey