Monday, March 03, 2008

DigJelly - Time Is Up

“Nothing stuck but needles, there you chose your way.” Blast me out of bed straight back to the 1980’s with this song. It’s unfair to say that, because most of this album sets itself directly in 2008, but this song I’m using to wake my Monday up is the one that is an immediate introduction to a most interesting band. And this is truly a band in the sense that the sum is greater than the parts. All of the instruments are perfectly played for each song, but the sound is pure heaven despite that. I know that sounds odd. But try to think of the Doors without Jim Morrison. Really. They were great with him, average without him. How about Jim Morrison without the Doors? Well, we will never know for sure, but the few things I heard have a similar reasoning – together the musicians outshone the individuals. That’s what’s happening here - the band is feeding off each other beautifully. The guitar is fabulous, the singer a pure joy to hear, the bass perfect, and the drummer – well, it’s a cliché to bring up Keith Moon, so I don’t bring him up, but I mean it – the drummer is accenting everything without overwhelming anything. A band in the true sense – where everyone is feeding off each other’s energy. Shoutouts for Losing Grace (“Children with the dying who bleed blood into their world”) & Deal (“I woke up in hell, it was a jail cell. She got incarcerated, give me some details”). Extraordinary noise! DigJelly