Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dionne Warwick - I'm Going Up

“There’s no regrets in this world, I’ve found.” I love this little line tuck in the middle of a beautiful gospel song. I have a few regret, and one of the largest was when the church went from being Jesus-centered to anti-Moslem centered. I regret that the church decided to fly the American flag higher than the banner of love. I regret that albums like this did not come out during the first Bush administration, the Clinton administration, nor during the current administration. From Kosovo to Somalia to Waco to Iraq, our country has shed blood, needless blood, in the name of Christ. I regret that happened, because I love what Christ stands for. Dionne Warwick, I thank you for being bold enough to sing so freely for Christ and against the so-called heroes in Iraq and the politicians who are keeping this masquerade afloat. When the church turned its eyes toward Bush and away from Christ, a huge gulf emerged between the “church” and I. Not between Jesus, and I, thankfully. I just knew that the Jesus I believed in was not the same Jesus who was carrying an American flag to foreign countries to kill people without any provocation whatsoever, except greed for the resources these countries gave us access to.

My regret is that this music, and sermons like these, were not preached till now. Now, back to Dionne’s song. When you listen closely, she is saying that she is sad that individuals do not feel regret or shame for the hideous acts they have committed, and because of that she is “Going Up” to see the face of Jesus, and allow herself to feel the shame. Beautiful song, exciting sentiment. Let’s hope the album gets lots of play. And, by the way, the voice is as strong and beautiful as ever. Shoutouts for Old Landmark & Rise, Shine And Give God The Glory. Dionne Warwick