Friday, March 07, 2008

Davide Ravera - Sonya Yana Meme Komba

“Driving 100 miles an hour down the land where dreams are sold, hands of the devil are going to keep me on the track.” It’s unfair to review someone who has inspired me to write songs of my own, as well as sing his songs whenever I perform, but such is life. I can handle unfair as long as it’s honest. What’s really unfair is that Davide is not on the cover of the Rolling Stone and People magazines this week in honor of the release of this new album of good old songs. “Eyes of my baby going to tell me no lie, she’s a killer in love with a suicide.” Davide sings his heart and experience through the eyes of a surrealist poet seeing every hidden truth in what others perceive as reality. Shoutouts for Big City Blues (“Everyone’s a liar, everyone’s a cop”) & Wind From Seattle. You might have to ask this shy guy where the heck you can order an album from, but it’s truly worth the effort. Very tasty Friday night party, with spicy Italian accented flavors! Davide Ravera