Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Lions Rampant - 70-30

Texas 1965. “And I don’t got time to waste on you.” Okay, I’ll be straight, these guys aren’t from Texas. A three-piece group that plays loudbluesrockpunk with a sound circa 1965, which was being done great in Texas 43 years ago. Sure, the Texas groups were imitating the Stones, but so be it. What’s scary to me now that I live here in Texas is that all those albums I collected by Texas punks from 1965-1967 were not as well known in Texas as they were elsewhere in the world. I mention some of these great groups and get blank stares. Guess Texans like to believe the young folk here were never rebellious. Whatever.

Am I off-track? Maybe not. These guys are loudbluesrockpunk and certainly proud of it. They even claim to play “rock and roll”. Who says that anymore? And, the good news is their claim is true. They aren’t from Texas, but the next best place – Ohio. “You can’t get what you want, you gotta take what you need.” I don’t want to guess what the title means. Google said it could mean anything from an insulin treatment to a partnership plan. A funny business page said that 30% of the people in this world do 70% of the work. As anyone in high school could tell you – they’re way off, the truth is about 10% of the people do 100% of the work. The rest party and buy the answers. So, the internet lies. What else is new?

The Lions Rampant are solidly behind the concept of 100% of people having a good party on Saturday night, and are happy to be on the bill. Shoutouts include Cryin’ All The Time, another fast blues; Skin ‘N Bones (“you don’t like the way I live my life”); Shotgun Shells, which bleeds texaspunkblues; and Need A Man (“you need another trophy for your shelf”). The Lions Rampant