Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Duke Spirit - I Do Believe

I just finished the first steep section of the west trail, and need this song. Heart pounding, breath digging for oxygen. I do believe, and am grateful that there is a rock bench set up for a time of reflection. In the shoutout tune, Wooden Heart, Duke Spirit reminds me, in an alltomorrowsparties way that I’m here to renew my energy and joy in being alive. I’m sitting down and hearing “all I have is all that I’m feeling.” The addition of the trumpet makes my meditations perfectly peaceful. “I would understand your heart if I could feel it.” Wow. Loureed could not have said it any better. “The sky is more substance than you will ever be.” Poetry and lovely music to humble me before this bigsky view. The next shoutout fits as I lift myself up off the rock and appreciate the depths of Sovereign. “I’m all alone now.” Duke Spirit