Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Devotchka - Along The Way

“Let me die in my lovers arms, let me live through the night.” This hump day dance is covered in tequila sunrises simply because the colors accent the movement of this exciting album by flavors difficult to describe. Can you have slavic-sounding gypsy music with mariachis accenting in just the right spots? Why not? These guys pull it off masterfully, and I’m taken around the world with a cup of thick coffee in one hand and the worm from the tequila bottle in the other. “There’s a little piece of land in me that no other man can own.” Whirling with pleasures. Topped with whipped cream and the lonely bulls of a starless night made romantic by a single candle. Shoutouts for Basso Profundo and Comrade Z. Devotchka