Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Handcuffs - Car Crash

“Practicing zen on a tilt-a-whirl.” This line alone would earn the song a place on my top-ten list this month, but add the fantastic music & the rest of the lyric and I am enjoying this hump-day party with total excitement. I never try to guess where the writers are coming from, I put myself in the lyric. This one is talking about the pills folks take. In my line of work, my friends are forced to take pills by society, because when they don’t “everything’s a car crash”. Their days are horrible for themselves and everyone around them, and law enforcement is often called. There is an interesting related problem that’s a frustration – sometimes, many times, often, drugs are used as a replacement for therapy. So, the drugs become a long-term situation that eats livers for breakfast. Think of your liver being slowly eaten for 20 years and you see the future of too many young people who don’t “fit in” to the expected behaviors. I have no answers, just prayers. Shoutouts for several more powerfully group-based songs, played expertly by the drums, bass and guitar – with an exciting vocalist; I'm Not Laughing, Don't Be Afraid and the blondie flavored First Class Bossa Nova. The Handcuffs