Monday, March 17, 2008

Soko - I'll Kill Her

This has been my morning wake up song for several weeks now. Also been my lunch & dinner song. For whatever reason – charm, humor, old age, I can’t tell, this song sticks with me, and I love hearing it. All of that’s beside the point, today it is my Monday wake-up song. The story is old – the young girl can’t believe her boyfriend is seeing another woman. And, since there’s nothing new under the sun, the narrator blames the other girl, not her flaky boyfriend. What’s fantastic here isn’t the story, as I said, it’s nothing new. Adolescent feelings will always be adolescent feelings. However, the presentation of this story is exciting and a joy to hear. Even though the theme of killing another human isn’t particularly hilarious, when heard from an adolescent love-panged narrator, it brings a wide smile to my face. Soko has won my heart. The shout-out tunes are just as fabulous: Take My Heart & It's Raining Outside. Soko