Friday, March 14, 2008

Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine

The title does not suggest “party”. Luckily, the band brings the party with it, so the song will not hurt your moves. I thought about this a lot. I love to make people think while they dance, but some might consider this depressing. Well, where better to consider truths than at a party? Let’s face it, this could just as easily be the girl you lost to beer or to an accident while driving in a blind rage after you said something mean to her at the party. I thought about how if this was a song about a girl you lost to another man, or even to another woman, no one would think twice. Of course, I wouldn’t think of it twice in any account if the music wasn’t as good as the lyric, but it is, and I enjoy playing it at my Friday party. Shoutout for I Am No Good For You (“I’m seeing ghosts in everything I do”). Sia