Wednesday, November 26, 2008

House Of Badger – Vultures

This hump day dance party gets started joyfully with a story about ‘birds’ who violently “wait for the hour they can come down.” But as the song progresses I sense the narrator is speaking of a society who feels they are morally correct in wreaking violence and havoc around the world simply because they enjoy a feeling of superiority over the rest of the world. The narrator is hopeful forever, with the refrain “someday we’ll change our ways” returning to haunt and uplift the soul dancing to the very interesting rhythms put together by this excellent band. Of course, it could be a tale of a morally superior person taking out their insecurities on another individual. That’s one of the things that makes this a perfect song – it can be heard from different viewpoints. The other thing that makes this a very cool song is the power of the bass, drums & synths working together instead of against each other. The shoutout tune, Into The Sun, is a beautiful voyage into psychedelia with all the crispness we are able to enjoy with modern recording equipment. An energetic tune, calling for an exciting evening of intense dance. Fantastic ending. House Of Badger