Friday, November 28, 2008

Mike Moreno - I Have A Dream

The guitar opens this tune from 1969, with the percussion quickly adding magic. Then all stops, and the bass build and invites the keyboards. The ensemble seemingly appears together rapidly exploring the depths of this 40 year old tune. While not especially obscure, it impresses me that a younger player would be aware of it. I especially enjoy the band leader, while evident, gives the other musicians plenty of room to stretch. It sounds as if the group enjoys this also =:-)

Mike is a young Texan with the ability of doing it all. He can act as a sideman, as related below on Jazz Side Of The Moon and over 16 other albums, and he can act as band leader as evidenced here. He can interpret songs by masters, such as Herbie Hancock (I Have A Dream) & Wayne Shorter (Children Of The Night), and write his own superb tunes (Third Dream). An artist worth knowing, and following – we’ll be hearing a lot more from this guitar player. Shoutouts are due for Kevin Hayes on keyboards, Doug Weiss on bass, and Kendrick Scott on percussion. Delicious. Mike Moreno