Friday, November 28, 2008

Jazz Side Of The Moon (CD)

Five years ago we lived with a Dub Side of the Moon, which was fun in many ways, but in the end was simply an oddity. This re-creation project has been undertaken by others, and I’m enjoying all the incarnations. Taking an icon and re-interpreting it is what classical music is all about, and the ability to do this with a rock and roll icon means great things for the future of music. Which brings me to this interpretation.

What makes this CD so dynamic is that the players take the improvisational aspect of their musicianship very seriously, and it shows on this collection. This one can sit proudly on the shelf not as an oddity, but a fully realized work of dignity in its own right. Very special, and will be a wonderful gift for any 50 -60 year old you’re wondering what in the world they need this Christmas. Yes, before you ask, this will also be a gift younger folks will enjoy also. The music of this Pink Floyd album is so ingrained in our collective sub-conscious that this new elucidation will thrill us for many years to come.

This album is recorded live by four master musicians in a church, with the mikes centralized in one spot, facing different directions to add a live depth to the recording. I sit hear listening and feel like I’m sitting on stage with them, swaying back and forth learning new spiritual solitudes. Rather than simply shout-out all the tunes on the album, I’m going to shoutout the musicians. Sam Yahel smiles upon the organ, Mike Moreno dreams on guitar, Ari Hoenig drives the drums, and Seamus Blake loves the saxophone. A must-have CD. Jazz Side Of The Moon