Monday, February 09, 2009

Astronauts Of Antiquity - Soup Du Jour

“A peaceful moment”. A slow dance for Monday. I have to do something different once in awhile. I usually start of my week with a loud blasting rock tune. This week I’m starting off a bit jazzy, but wow, so many flavors in this stew. “I’m so hungry.” Banjos, hip-hop, jazz percussion, sexy voices, a satisfying meal of mixed genres and dances. “Resilient like a seedling growing in concrete.” Starting off the week with deliberate slow movements made for a different day. It actually slid by really fast, and I haven’t had time to contemplate the effect. Of course the true effect will not be known till Friday – will this different approach toward the week end wonderfully? “Waiting for an epiphany swirling up from a driftin’ sea of sighs.” I’m guessing yes – today is still a blur, but no trauma. Getting out of my comfort zone has left me guessing. I usually reserve this type of dance for humpday or Saturday night, so I had a sorta party mood all day. Those I interacted with seemed to pick up on it. I won’t do this a lot, obviously, but it is good to force oneself into a new space from time to time. Shoutout for Strangest Places (“I first saw you in a red room. You wore a patch that was a Coltrane tune”). Stream of consciousness jazz – very cool. Astronauts Of Antiquity