Sunday, February 01, 2009

Vetiver – Rolling Sea

The guitar is playing lovingly like it’s out in my back yard. “Wouldn’t you like to be out on the rolling sea?” I’m a landlubber, but the invitation is appealing, especially with the promise that my “friends are there.” I’d be willing to try it once on a Sunday afternoon, maybe with some crackers, beer, and a few fishing poles. The song takes it’s time to develop, lazily warming up to make a few points about lifestyles and habits we seem to develop that are out-of-synch with our psyches. “Whenever we make plans you tell me you’re a busy man.” The playing brings down my heartbeat, and calls out for a slow dance on the bay. The production is done in a loving manner, sounding very much like some friends jamming in the living room, with the lead guitarists amplifier placed in the bathroom so it doesn’t interfere with the acoustic flavors. Sweet. Shoutout for the rockier love smiles of Everyday (“everyday I’m away from you shakes me up inside”). Vetiver