Sunday, February 15, 2009

Madeleine Peyroux – River Of Tears

“Stop all this talk.” Sunday afternoon drifting. “Open up another bottle, send those people home. Let it get real quiet, turn that lamp down low. I want to flow down this river of tears.” Drifting through memories. Dreams. “Close the blinds, mute the sun, there’s no place left to run.” Pains. “Dashed hopes and best intentions.” And, in case you thought the spiritual dimension was missing, Madeleine graciously informs us “he could sit and drink the way a monk could pray.” I have very much enjoyed the ride, and can say for certain that I will return to this path many many times in my life. “Watch me rage down this river of tears.” Delicious. Shoutout for To Love You All Over Again (“an empty glass, an unmade bed”). Madeleine Peyroux