Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ryebender - I Was Wrong

A tale of sad discovery, built up slowly as we discover along with the narrator a story of what happens when we don’t listen to each other. And when we wait too long to apologize. A story of the ages, giving voice to millions of heartaches. What makes this different? The rocking guitars and vocal harmonies on the chorus. These guys know how to take the mundane parts of life and bring them to a point where we’re willing to listen to them over and over. The shoutout Whiskey and Caffeine introduces us to “another barroom disaster.” This story includes a scene where “I watch the TV with the curtains drawn, and I’ll hide from the sun till it sinks from the sky.” Again, daily life placed against a canvas of music. Another shoutout, Your Time Has Come And Gone tells me to “shut your mouth and bite your tongue.” Good advice. Great fun to listen to. Many thanks to Maria DeFelice of Powderfinger for introducing Ryebender to Eartaste. Ryebender