Saturday, February 07, 2009

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks Live (CD)

Look at the smile on Van’s face. Same one is on mine. It’s always intriguing, but usually useless to try to imagine the work of an artist performed live 40 years after you first heard it. No longer. This is not an “oldies” show. Nor is it a “copy note for note” show (not that Van Morrison has ever done that in his life). This is the real jazz/soul thing. Full of 40 years of life and love. I’m flattered, because my personal dream has been fulfilled. And, even better, the blurb at promises a live DVD of the show is in the works and will also be available soon. This album was given to me for my birthday some 40 years ago by a fellow budding songwriter, Sam. For the next week or so I’ll be caught up on Cypress Avenue again. It is great fun being in heaven, and I plan to relish the moment over and over. Thanks! Van Morrison