Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mike Moreno - Gondola

I chose this tune to talk about off this fine jazz album because I could feel the gondola riding along the rivers of my mind without much effort at all. The percussionist evokes the sounds of soft waves. The composition is a perfect soundscape that fills me with intense dream-filled pleasure. I am floating on the seas of emotion with the musicians parting the waters. The dreams take on a different rhythm and strength in the shoutout Between The Lines. Mike’s name is here as the session leader and major composer, butrest assured this is a jazz album where each participant is allowed to stretch. Mike’s guitar shines, to be sure, but all the group members have equal say in this party. The saxophones are played by John Ellis and Marcus Strickland, the piano by Aaron Parks, Doug Weiss on acoustic bass, and Kendrick Scott on percussion. Beautiful early Sunday evening travels to netherworlds. Thanks Mike! Mike Moreno

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